“If we train pastors to win souls, disciple the saved,
and train others to do the same,
we have applied the spiritual principle that yields spiritual fruit.”

(2 Timothy 2:2)


Training Pastors International (TPI) provides a non-formal theological education to Hispanic pastors who are without opportunity for training. We do this using excellent material from the Bible Training Centre for Pastors, trained and mentored national pastors, and faithful supporters (givers/prayers) from the USA. Without any of these strong cords TPI would not be able to continue training faithful men who are still waiting for this opportunity.

Since 2003 TPI has trained, discipled, and mentored many national teacher-trainers in Central America, South America, Cuba and Dominican Republic. These men carry the responsibility to take this biblical training to areas of their own country where pastors and leaders have no access for training. This access may be geographic, meaning there is not Bible Institute nearby where they can study. Access may also be economic in nature. There may be an institute closeby but they have no resources to pay the cost of books and tuition. TPI provides this training and materials to pastors without cost.

TPI trains these men to be students of God’s word, soul-winners, teachers, equippers, disciple makers, and church planters. All of these are tools to accomplish the “Great Commission” as is given in Matthew 28:19-20.

The Need is Growing

God has used TPI to train thousands of pastors and leaders who have reached tens of thousands in their own countries for Jesus Christ. There are still thousands more praying for help. They are praying for the opportunity to be trained so that they can better reach their own people for Jesus Christ.

Our Team

Greg Moore

President & Founder

After serving with a ministry for a number of years in Honduras, Greg felt a burden to begin training national pastors that had no access to formal biblical instruction. These were men ordained by God to lead their churches but had no one to help them understand God’s Word. In faith, he started leading classes in 2002 and officially launched Training Pastors International (TPI) in 2003. Greg never could have imagined the explosive growth God had in store for the ministry that continues to impact tens of thousands of people each and every year.

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Lane Beasley

Communications Director

With a professional background in nonprofit communications, Lane was introduced to the ministry of TPI by one of the board members. The ministry had been experiencing incredible growth advancing God’s kingdom throughout Latin America but the team needed help showcasing the impact with believers in America. After prayerful consideration, Lane joined the TPI team in July 2016 to help highlight God’s work among our ministry so that we might collectively celebrate the incredible harvest of souls happening through TPI while inviting others to participate through prayer and financial support.

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Caitlin Moore Rocha

Executive Assistant

Having years of experience interacting with TPI Directors in the field, Caitlin was the perfect candidate to join the team in January 2017 as the Executive Assistant when our ministry identified the need to expand our staffing support stateside. She has a passion for God’s work through TPI and has first-hand experience working with all the TPI In Country Directors and Staff. She is married to Milton Rocha Centeno who is the son of a TPI Pastor from Nicaragua.

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