God’s Work Through Women

La Obra de Dios A Través de las Mujeres

Women have always played a very important role throughout the biblical narrative. From the Old Testament, with women like Sarah the mother of the Jewish nation, Deborah the Judge, Esther the Queen, and others, to the New Testament, where we see the incredible connection Jesus has with Mary and Martha the sisters of Lazarus, Mary […]

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The Impact of COVID-19

El impacto del Coronovirus

I wanted to provide a brief update of where we are as a ministry and where we hope to be by the end of 2020. As we closed out 2019, our ministry did not experience the surge in end-of-year donations that we have previously seen in years past. With the lack of funds available to […]

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Jim Stein, Legacy Partner

Jim Stein, Socio Heredado

Over the last 17 years of training pastors in Latin America, I have had the wonderful privilege of seeing God prompt individuals and churches give of their resources to provide ministry training for thousands of men they do not personally know nor will ever meet. People give for many reasons at different seasons of life. […]

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Pray for Josué

Oren por Josué

Josué met our Executive Director while attending the Thomas Harrington Bible Institute prior to the creation of TPI. When Greg started TPI, Josué was one of the first people he reached out to. He has been a vital part of TPI since day 1. Josué travels all across the country of Honduras and beyond leading […]

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April Showers

Lluvias de Abril

April is a wonderful time of year! It’s a month of fantastic transition as winter gives way to spring. Depending on where you live, showers of rain (and pollen) seem to be ever-present in the 7-day weather forecast. Though we may find ourselves inside more than usual this year, we can look out our windows […]

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Pray for Raul

Ore por Raul

Raul was trained as a TPI Student in 2003 and began serving on our Staff that same year. He travels around the island of Cuba to provide training to pastors. Raul pastors two churches in the province of Villa Clara: Remedios & Vueltas. Raul and his wife, Maria Felicia Martinez Mejias, are blessed with 2 […]

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