Pastors clamor to be trained by TPI in rural areas throughout Central and South America where seminary is just not an option due to financial & geographic limitations. They long to take the Good News of Christ to the people in their communities with confidence. After all, the Lord said, in Acts 1:8 “[…] and you will be My witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Recently, it looks like the Lord literally means the end of the earth.

Ushuaia (/uːˈʃwaɪ.ə/) is a bustling tourist location on the southern tip of Argentina and lays claim to the title of being The End of the Earth. TPI has just received a request to bring our biblical training to pastors in their area.

TPI teacher, Cesar Ramos explains how God used his own church in North Argentina to plant this seed. “There are some young believers in this city who have family where I live who attended a youth camp for believers in our congregation. They liked our church a lot and when they returned to Ushuaia they commented about it to their local pastor. The current pastor there is the son of a dear brother. So they contacted me, and they started saving so I could come visit them.”

Of course, when Cesar Ramos arrived to Ushuaia, to help teach the Word, it was inevitable he would share with them his job as a TPI teacher and how he was trained to lead his church. “In total, God has used me to connect 9 or 10 groups of new pastors to TPI. I find out about their needs and try to share the provision of God to teach them the Bible through TPI.” During Cesar’s time in Ushuaia, many pastors and church leaders showed an interest in receiving training including one such young believer named Ruben Puma.

Ruben sent a plea to TPI through Cesar, “I came to know the Lord in 2009, and my number one desire and prayer is to study the word of God. I am a leader in the church, and I always try to plant the seeds of growth so we can continue to learn. We want to know more deeply what the Lord has planned for our lives. We need to learn more so we can move forward evangelizing and teaching and edifying our brethren.”

Just getting to this town is no easy feat. From Jujuy, where Cesar lives, to Ushuaia, the distance is roughly 2500 miles, a trip he takes by bus over the course of five days. “I have to do it in stages, if I don’t, my feet swell up. I learned my lesson from my first long trip and that was only 1550 miles [37 hours directly by bus] to Cinco Saltos, Argentina.”

Unfortunately, funds are limited for our ministry at this time so Ushuaia will need to wait for their training. At TPI, we are completely reliant on God’s provision for the financial resources necessary to continue training pastors. As He prompts hearts to give to TPI, we are able to continue our mission of equipping national pastors to accomplish The Great Commission.

The vision for TPI was birthed from the heart of God, and as long as there are teachers and pastors requesting to be taught, TPI will seek the finances needed to respond to their requests by sharing their story & inviting others to join God in the work He is doing through TPI.

Pray with us that we will soon raise the funds necessary to provide training in Ushuaia – The End of the Earth.