I was blessed with the opportunity to fly to Cuba to spend some time with our TPI Staff and our Student Pastors in April. Because Cuba is a communist country, it is not open to ministries from outside the country operating within its borders. Since I have been entering into the country over the last 15 years, I received extra screening at customs to make sure I understood that I am not to preach or teach in the local churches without a special religious visa.

Fortunately, I don’t have to be the one teaching since TPI’s mission has always been to equip national pastors to train other national pastors, which fits into the governments criteria of what is permitted (for now).


TPI Cuba Staff Back Row: Orlando Siverio, Eliecer Pelier, Raul Orobio, Yoelvis Carvajal Front Row: Miguel Angel, Yoennis Blancart, Waldemar Hidalgo, Javier Trujillo Karel German (not pictured)

The average salary in Cuba is $30 per month. It is not uncommon for many pastors throughout the country to work a full time secular job to provide for their families, and then serve their congregations without receiving any type of compensation. Since 2003, TPI has trained thousands of men who serve as pastors, evangelists, church planters, and leaders; these men known by the world are making an incredible kingdom impact thanks to your prayers and generous financial support.

TPI owns a 1956 Ford Custom that allows our staff to travel across the island and provide training for our 350 students. As you can see, it was immobile and in desperate need of repairs until last year’s end of the year campaign. Thanks to your generous support, we were able to set aside funds to put it back on the road and provide the much need transportation for our team!

A small training session in a courtyard behind a house. As a team, we walked through the complete panorama of the program emphasizing the three hands-on writing courses: Bible Study Methods & Biblical Interpretation, Preaching Biblical Messages, and Principles of Teaching.
I am excited to share that God continues to do a great work through the efforts of our TPI Cuba Staff. I thank you for your ongoing prayers as they faithfully and obediently fulfill the mission of equipping more national pastors to accomplish The Great Commission!


Would you pray with us for $30,000 which is needed to mobilize all of our teachers to the field where 75 pastors training groups all across Central & South America? In addition to mobilizing our teachers to the field, these resources would also allow TPI to offer teacher training retreats in Paraguay, Argentina, and Peru.

As always, I encourage you to share this newsletter with your friends and family using the icons at the bottom of this email. We believe God’s work among us is too good not to share with others! We invite you to pass this information on to other believers who might be encouraged to hear how God is using our ministry in advancing His kingdom around the world.

Thank you for helping us as we equip national pastors to accomplish The Great Commission!

Greg Moore
Founder & President
Training Pastors International