The mission the Lord has given us is the only true mission of His church given in Matthew 28:19-20. The way we have been called to accomplish this mission is by training national pastors and equipping them to train other national pastors. It is our conviction that a national can reach other nationals better than a cross-cultural missionary. We exist, therefore, to equip national pastors and leaders to accomplish the Great Commission wherever they are.

If we train pastors to win souls, disciple the saved, and train others to do the same, we have applied the spiritual principle that yields spiritual fruit. (2 Timothy 2:2)

Our Vision

The Lord has called us to provide Biblical ministry training for pastors and leaders who are, for either geographic or economic reasons, without access. Our goal is not to provide higher academic education, but instead, a basic training for a higher calling. We desire to equip God’s men to effectively serve Him using Kingdom principles found in God’s Holy Word.

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