Even though we spoke through a translator, I never felt like a foreigner. From the moment we arrived, our hosts and translators treated us like family members who were aligned behind achieving a common mission. They were clear about our purpose while at the same time making sure we felt taken care of; that we felt at home. Working together with the TPI Team in Nicaragua was such a refreshing experience and a beautiful portrayal of Jesus’ prayer that God’s will “be done on earth as it is in heaven.” If I had to boil it down to one phrase, I would call it a true gospel partnership.

It was very evident to me that the Lord is working through the TPI Staff in Nicaragua. I felt His presence represented in several ways during my time serving with TPI. First, they have such a passion for the Lord and a commitment to making disciples in a way that is contagious. Second, the way TPI’s course requires that pastors not only teaching but to train others how to do ministry. So every Pastor receiving training represents a collection of future carriers of sound biblical teaching that will collectively impact an entire community for the Lord. It was a real world example of Ephesians 4 unfolding right before our eyes. Finally, we saw how the Lord is confirming the mission of TPI as He prompts the hearts of people to respond to the hope found in Christ. People are coming to Christ and as they do, they are being trained to replicate themselves again and again.

The pastors we encountered were so thankful and grateful to be a part of the class. In addition to hearing the training, they were eager to put it into practice in their own churches. Even in the short time I was in country, it was apparent that there are many others who are longing to receive training from TPI.

Serving with TPI in Nicaragua has increased my desire to make and train disciples in a greater way personally. As a minister of the gospel myself, I was challenged by these pastors who immediately went out and confidently put into practice the lessons they were learning. To see my brothers excited about their ministry was a great encouragement to me and gave me a renewed boldness to see others come to know the Lord as Savior. I have actually begun implementing the TPI ministry model in my own family and my ministry since returning to the states. This opportunity has also given me more of a desire to specifically pray for Christ’s Church that is growing in Nicaragua. I invite you to pray with me! The harvest is so plentiful; and it is being reaped. God is working through TPI and yet, I know there is still so much left to be done. What a privilege we have to partner together to advance the gospel!