Our first exposure to Training Pastors International came as a result of being trained in Pioneer Evangelism (PE) through our church, Bellevue Baptist in Memphis, TN. Our first opportunity to teach PE was with TPI the summer of 2011 in Honduras. It was an incredibly wonderful blessing to teach this group of future pastors. In all, we have taught PE eight times with TPI in Honduras, Cuba and Florida.

Each time we have taught with TPI, we have experienced men who are humble, godly and eager to learn. On each trip these future pastors have enthusiastically embraced the PE material and exhibited an eager desire to apply what they have learned. These men impressed us as men who are full of faith, eager to share the gospel, disciple new believers, and plant new churches.

The most delightful thing in our experience serving with TPI is the commitment of the future pastors as well as the lay people we have met. We have been very impressed with their knowledge of scripture and dedication to memorizing and applying God’s Word in their lives. We have met many men who are enduring a great deal of sacrifice to work and support their families while completing the TPI training. We have been struck by what they are willing to endure to prepare themselves to be used by God to further His kingdom.
There are many organizations doing good things around the world but there are three reasons we believe in supporting the mission of TPI.

First and most importantly: Their mission is consistent with God’s word and flows out of a love for Christ and people: equipping people for the work of the ministry; accurately teaching the full body of God’s word; training others to train others etc.

Second: Their mission to train those who would not otherwise have the opportunity to become a pastor has touched our hearts. Additionally, the results accomplished by our Lord through TPI (hundreds of thousands of new converts and thousands of churches planted) have convinced us that this organization is delivering on their mission and is a great investment.

Third: Their love of Christ and people manifests itself in the care that the TPI coordinators and translators have extended to us when we have taught PE with them. We have been on numerous mission trips functioning in a variety of capacities, and we find TPI leadership among the best of the best at helping us be successful.

It’s been a great privilege and an incredible opportunity to further God’s kingdom and walk in obedience to God’s command in 2 Tim 2:2 of equipping faithful men who will train others. It is a joy to join in the equipping process for men who have already proven themselves “faithful” to the commitment of training others. If you are considering serving with or supporting TPI financially, I emphatically encourage you to DO IT!

For His Glory,
Brent & Terry