On July 31, I was privileged to go to Lima, Peru to teach 44 women from many different provinces in the country. I was joined by my friends, Yessenia, who is from Oropoli, Honduras and Sara, who is from Asuncion, Paraguay. Yessenia is the wife of Gustavo Valladares, Greg’s National Director for Training Pastors International. Sara is the wife of Jorge Miranda, Greg’s Associate National Director for Training Pastors International. Together we taught Bible Study Methods and Rules of Interpretation to the 44 women in Lima, and then traveled by plane to Iquitos, Peru and took a boat 1 hour down the Amazon to Gallito, Peru in the Amazon Jungle where 19 other women were waiting. There we taught it again. I don’t even know how to put into words all that God did in the 2 weeks that we were together with all these amazing women. It was a humbling and awe-inspiring time together in God’s Word!

The ladies in both groups studied for 28-30 hours over 3 and a half days. On the last day they learned how to write 3 different types of Bible Studies. The first Bible Study Yessenia taught them was Biographical study. We put them into groups and they had a few hours to read and study the Book of Ruth. They had learned specific steps to take in writing their Bible Study. Then one person from each group presented their study to the whole group. There were so many tears, because as the ladies shared, they expressed how God had shown them so much through the life of Ruth that they didn’t know. They told how shallow their study of the Bible had been and expressed such gratitude for learning how to better study and understand God’s precious word. The second study was a Topical study. For this one, Sara walked them through each step using the topic of Obedience. This is a more in depth and a little more difficult. But as we walked through it with them, many expressed their lack of understanding and recommitted their lives to totally surrender to the Lord and obey His will for their lives. The last Bible study was an individual Devotional Bible Study. I taught them how to read a verse or passage and pull out a deep meaning and then how to apply it their lives. They had 30 minutes to pray and study a passage of Scripture assigned them. Then they presented them to the group. Many tears were shed, as they shared how God has spoken to them through the passage they had been given. This last day and a half was a precious time of renewing of faith, surrendering to the Lord completely, and committing to a personal time with the Lord and His word daily. They also shared how excited they are to share this with others.

We knew that God had been with us. These ladies’ lives have been changed forever, as were our own. As I reflect on the last two weeks, I can hardly believe what God has done. In March of 2017, God showed me it was time to begin. Me, Dana Delisle and Gina Foil started with 27 women in Oropoli, Honduras. One year and a half later, TWI is in Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru, Argentina, and Paraguay. The Dominican Republic has invited TWI to come there and Columbia maybe next year. In Peru alone there over 150 women being trained in 8 different Provinces. As I looked at the 3 of us who were there teaching in Peru, Sara pointed out that only God could take 3 women from different countries (one North America, one Central America and one South America) and create a team to share His word with others all over Central and South America.

I would like to share so many testimonies from the ladies in the class, but I will start with this one and maybe send more in a later newsletter. Ana (see circled lady above left picture) came to the class from the northern province of Peru called Piura, Sichura. Ana is a missionary to another province. One week each month she takes a 7 hour bus to arrive in a place called Huancabamba. This area is known worldwide for its practice of witchcraft. Famous people go there to seek help from the witches and witch doctors. Ana goes there to share the Gospel and help the poor. She is a Peruvian who loves her people and wants to make a difference in her country. She hopes to start teaching women there as she works her way through the curriculum of Training Women International. Thank you for joining us to equip women like Ana to impact the women of her country for Christ.

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Thank you for praying, giving and encouraging us in our efforts at Training Women International.

Cheryl Moore
Founder and President
Training Women International