As many of you know, we officially launched Training Women International and began training women in Oropoli, Honduras just over a year ago. Our focus was to train and equip these women to understand their important leadership role in their local churches, encouraging them to work alongside their husbands in the ministry God had called them to do. On June 5th, I along with my two daughters, Caitlin and Stephanie, and our family friend, Victoria, were able to travel to Oropoli and teach the last required course before our VERY FIRST graduating class.

We arrived not really knowing what to expect, only knowing that we had a lot of ground to cover in a very short amount of time. In all, we had 3 half days and 1 full day to complete over 40 hours of material! So, we jumped right in! Stephanie spoke first and taught on the subject of Compassion. She shared how it should impact our daily lives, how Jesus was compassionate, and how compassion must be vital to our ministry efforts. It was truly amazing to watch her as she taught for the first time. It was apparent how much the women were impacted by her testimony.

After Stephanie finished, Victoria led a session focusing on several women of the Bible. She taught the class about their lives, the obstacles many of them faced, and how they stayed strong in the midst of very difficult circumstances. She challenged them to choose their own women of the Bible, encouraging them to read their stories carefully, and asking God to teach them more about themselves through these women of faith. This homework assignment the first night was intended for them see what kind of women they need to exemplify in their own lives.

After the first day, I spent the next three days leading some intense sessions of teaching on Evangelism. With God’s help, I was able to push through 30 hours of training in those 3 days! It was hard, and we were tired, but we made it through just in time to give Caitlin the four hours she needed to finish out the session on Discipleship. Caitlin did a fantastic job summarizing and connecting the previous sessions to personal growth and spiritual maturity in their own personal walk with Christ.

Sunday, June 10th, is a spiritual mile marker that will be a special day in the life of our ministry from now on, because Training Women International celebrated our first graduating class! Wow! What a blessing it was to see! We heard testimonies from the women and how this training has impacted their lives. One special part of the evening was hearing story after story from the husbands telling how it has changed their families and their own ministries. It was incredibly powerful to see the smiling, proud faces of these women as they walked across the stage to receive their diplomas!

We were very encouraged to hear Victoria’s testimony during the graduation ceremony. It was such a special time, and, in that moment, I was reminded when the Lord spoke to me telling me that it was time to begin this ministry to the wives of our TPI Pastors. I didn’t know what would happen, or how all of the details would come together, but I completely trusted His provision to see us through and now here we were witnessing the first graduation!

All I can say is, His plans for us are so much bigger than we could ever hope or even imagine. I am so blessed, and humbled, that the Lord saw fit to choose me to serve these women through Training Women International.

The Lord did some amazing things while we were away, and we just wanted to take the time to share them with you. Thank you for supporting us as we were obedient to God’s leading in this incredible season of life and ministry.

We recognize that we could not have done any of this without you and your partnership to sustain our efforts. We are so grateful for your love and support!

Cheryl Moore
Training Women International

Prayer Request
Our initial plan was to travel to Nicaragua for another week of training and our second TWI graduation. We knew Nicaragua was in civil unrest and monitored it closely. The day we were to leave Honduras to travel there, we decided It would be too dangerous and postponed the classes and graduation. The civil unrest that is ongoing has been so devastating to the people and the country as a whole, so we would like to ask that you join us in praying for peace for the people of Nicaragua. Pray that God would cover them with His peace, and that He would calm the stormy waters that, from our finite perspective, appear to be in control.

“Being blessed to see the first group of women graduate from Training Women International was so special. These women’s thirst for knowledge of how to better understand God’s love for us, and how to better understand how to share that love with others is beautiful. It made me realize how many opportunities I must have missed to share God’s love with others. The love that is so breathtakingly beautiful, why would I ever pass up the opportunity to share it with someone? During the trip, God opened my eyes to prayer. The way the women prayed was with such faith that it made me realize how much God cares about everything. No matter if it is to stop the rain, or to heal someone with a minor stomach bug, He cares! This trip made me understand the power of prayer even more. I was blessed to have the opportunity to share my testimony for the first time ever. I was nervous that it wouldn’t be significant enough to reach anyone, but after the graduation, one of the graduating women came up and told me how it blessed her. I realized right then that God was in control the whole time, and as long as one person was blessed by it then its purpose was fulfilled. The most important thing God taught me through this trip with Training Women International, was that HE can do amazing things through those who follow where He leads us. Where He leads, I will follow.” Victoria Jennings

“When my mom asked me to go with her on this trip and teach Discipleship to the women I said no. She asked me again, and again, I said no. She finally asked me why and I told her it was because I didn’t think I was in a place in my relationship with God where I should be teaching anyone about anything. She told me that it was ok, that we all feel that way, but that God can still use me to speak to the women. I finally agreed and began to dig in to what I would be studying. It wasn’t until I got up to teach that I realized how unworthy I actually was to be standing in front of these ladies. So, I began to cry, and pray that even through my unworthiness, through my failure, through my weakness, that HE would show Himself. That He would speak through me. So, I began teaching. I don’t remember much of what I said but every word that I spoke affected me and changed me in a way that I never expected. I walked away from that experience changed, refreshed, and with new eyes. I am so grateful that the Lord saw fit to use me for HIS glory, even in my weakest moments. It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you come from, God CAN USE YOU!”Caitlin Moore

“The time I spent in Oropoli were nothing short of amazing. I was tasked with teaching the women the Compassion of God. I had the benefit of being able to study and create my own class which means I learned so much about compassion. God showed me things that I had inside me that I did not know were there. Along with my passion for missions, God showed me that He will teach through me. He implanted a vision in my heart to go back and teach the kids. I want to teach the kids about God’s love and about his compassion. I am so grateful to have been able to go on this trip and I am excited to see what else God has planned for me. Thank you for your support.”Stephanie Moore